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Added contributors section to README with profile pictures (#5378)
* Add contributors section to README with profile pictures

This commit adds a new section to the README file that displays a list of all the contributors to the project, along with their profile pictures. The section is styled in a visually appealing way and also provides a way for users to quickly navigate to the profile of each contributor

* Update

Co-authored-by: Ryan Johnson <[email protected]>


Co-authored-by: Ryan Johnson <[email protected]>
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immortalAbdul01 and escattone committed Jan 27, 2023
1 parent 51c09db commit 78f8cc4
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@@ -13,3 +13,8 @@ By participating in this project, you're agreeing to uphold the [Mozilla Communi
## Contribute

See our [contribution guide](, or dive into [setting up your development environment](

## Thanks to all of our contributors ❤️
<a href = "">
<img src = ""/>

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