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DC := $(shell command -v docker-compose 2> /dev/null)
ifeq (DC,)
DC = $(shell which docker-compose)
DC = $(shell which docker) compose
default: help
@echo ""
@echo "You need to specify a subcommand."
@exit 1
@echo "build - build docker images for dev"
@echo "run - docker-compose up the entire system for dev"
@echo ""
@echo "init - initialize the database and install Node packages"
@echo "djshell - start a Django Python shell (ipython)"
@echo "dbshell - start a MySQL shell"
@echo "shell - start a bash shell"
@echo "runshell - start a bash shell with ports bound so you can run the server"
@echo "clean - remove all build, test, coverage and Python artifacts"
@echo "rebuild - force a rebuild of the dev docker image"
@echo "lint - run pre-commit hooks"
@echo "test - run python tests"
@echo "test-js - run js tests"
@echo "docs - generate Sphinx HTML documentation"
@if [ ! -f .env ]; then \
echo "Copying .env-dist to .env..."; \
cp .env-dist .env; \
${MAKE} build
${DC} build web
touch .docker-build
rebuild: clean build
run: .docker-build
${DC} up web
init: .docker-build
${DC} run web bin/
shell: .docker-build
${DC} run web bash
runshell: .docker-build
${DC} run --service-ports web bash
djshell: .docker-build
${DC} run web python shell
dbshell: .docker-build
${DC} run web python dbshell
# python related things
find . -name '*.pyc' -exec rm -f {} +
find . -name '*.pyo' -exec rm -f {} +
find . -name '__pycache__' -exec rm -rf {} +
# test related things
-rm -f .coverage
# docs files
-rm -rf docs/_build/
# state files
-rm -f .docker-build*
# node stuff
-rm -rf node_modules
lint: .docker-build
${DC} run web pre-commit run --all-files
test: .docker-build
${DC} run web ./bin/
test-js: .docker-build
${DC} run web npm run webpack:test
docs: .docker-build
${DC} run web $(MAKE) -C docs/ clean
${DC} run web $(MAKE) -C docs/ html
.PHONY: build rebuild run init shell runshell djshell clean lint test test-js docs