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extends: eslint:recommended
# Turning on extra rules
quotes: [2, "single", "avoid-escape"]
no-alert: [2]
no-use-before-define: [2, "nofunc"]
space-before-blocks: [2, "always"]
space-after-keywords: [2]
dot-location: [2, "property"]
wrap-iife: [2, "inside"]
brace-style: [2, "1tbs", {"allowSingleLine": true}]
comma-style: [2]
linebreak-style: [2]
no-lonely-if: [2]
spaced-comment: [2]
no-this-before-super: [2]
constructor-super: [2]
indent: [2, 2, {"SwitchCase": 1}]
# Turning off default rules. Should some of these be warnings?
no-console: [0]
no-unused-vars: [0]
no-var: [0]
comma-dangle: [0]
new-cap: [0]
no-underscore-dangle: [0]
camelcase: [0]
no-extra-strict: [0]
no-inner-declarations: [0]
no-loop-func: [0]
no-func-assign: [0]
arrowFunctions: true
binaryLiterals: true
blockBindings: true
classes: true
defaultParams: true
destructuring: true
forOf: true
generators: true
modules: true
objectLiteralComputedProperties: true
objectLiteralDuplicateProperties: true
objectLiteralShorthandMethods: true
objectLiteralShorthandProperties: true
octalLiterals: true
regexUFlag: true
regexYFlag: true
spread: true
superInFunctions: true
templateStrings: true
unicodeCodePointEscapes: true
jsx: true
browser: true
- node_modules
- src